Next Level Sweeping 
Definitely warrants a New Level Handshake


Next Level Sweeping 

Definitely warrants a New Level Handshake




swag is for boys. class is for *spaghetti falls out of my pockets* fuck *slips in puddle of spaghetti* fuck *tries to stand and slips again, sending spaghetti flying everywhere* fuck

why did you have spaghetti in your pockets

well you see the reason is *slips in the spaghetti puddle again* fuck

is an egg a fruit or a vegetable u feel me


Searching, finding, discoveries of the extinct.

These run us upon a council.

A subito fortissimo of happenings, as fast as I winked.

With some effort, given a license to kill.

The feeling is so euphonious.

Unlike the cacophonous ending to one of my kin.

The ending was due to my hand.

And enter some mass of gin.


Downstairs sits my best friend.

Nose moves in front of me.

All pink and shit.

Fills me with glee.

Now I take my leave.

Put my feelings on my sleeve.

My career on hiatus.

Microsoft can hate us.

But I want to play grand theft auto three.

With some cheats, you see.


Andy likes candy.

He gets a little randy.

Especially when he sees Sandy.

Or maybe it was Mandy.

They have a little brandy.

It starts going dandy.

And he gets a handy.

Then gets laid.

The virgin topples over another brick in the road

Just to discover the loss of her feet.

Demonic stares, send chilling fares, never to be discrete.

Lower the portcullis, for the maiden is coming home.

Tell the tailor to take to town, the tome.

Spells ring bells, sails to the rails, with a tail to sell.

Curtains open, but the blinds are yet closed.

The crown slowly comes off. No longer too dosed.

Lights pass behind an eyelid, always to be haunted, never rid.


Beyond the square, phalanges, sipping on evolution

Melting pot sinking, blurs start to take shape

Shapes fall to pieces, due to lubrication

The opening tingles the nape

Shockwaves ripple, so I rub my nipple

And get past the red tape

The mushrooms start to apear again, back to the coop

So the cycle starts, and so do the loops